Offer Courses for Sale or for a Fee

There are a couple of options available if you want to offer courses for sale. 

Credit Card or Purchase Order Payments

You can allow your users to buy courses from BlueVolt using a Credit Card, or by using a Purchase Order:

To use the Credit Card Method, you will need to set up a Payment Gateway account for your university with one of the following payment gateway integrations in BlueVolt - (this account will connect with your Merchant Services account.)

      1. PayFlo Pro - a Paypal Company - PayFlow Pro website
      2. - a Visa Company - Website
      3. Bank of America Merchant Services - BofA website

How to set up Payflow Pro

Purchase Orders: To use a Purchase order please review that article here.

Promo Codes

You can allow your users to use promotional codes to either provide a discount on a course of up to 100%, or reduce the fee to $0.00 with the correct Dollar Value set on the Promo Code

    1. You can use a Prepaid Training Code - which is similar to a gift card
    2. You can use a Standard Promo code that can have a specific % value, or a fixed $$ amount.