Paid Courses: Bulk Purchase/Buy for Others

Some universities provide an option to allow users to buy courses for multiple learners. If this option is active, you can use this feature to buy courses for yourself and/or others in your group(s).

NOTE: Permission to access this feature is role-based. Contact your University Administrator if you have questions.


To Purchases Courses/Training Tracks for Multiple Users

  1. Find the course in the Course Catalog and select it. You will see an Enroll button with a Buy for Others button underneath.
  2. Select Buy for Others
  3. A screen will come up, allowing you to select the learners for which they want to buy the course. You can click on the learner names from the list, search for a specific learner, or click Add All.

 NOTE: In order to buy for others, you must belong to a group. You will also only be able to buy for others within groups to which you belong. This will not bypass Group Restrictions on courses.

  1. Once you have selected the learners for which you want to buy the course, be sure to click Save Selected. You will see a message confirming the information was saved.
  2. Click Go to cart to complete the transaction.
  3. On the next screen, you can Edit Enrollees and apply promo codes or discounts
  4. Click Begin Checkout when you’re ready to proceed.
  5. Fill out the fields to complete billing information and finalize the transaction.
  6. Click Complete Purchase

Once you’ve completed the purchase, enrollment emails will go out to everyone for whom you bought the course!