Paying for Course when PO Option is Available

Some universities have an option which allows you to pay for courses via invoice, or Purchase Order (PO). If this option is available, you will see a Submit Purchase Order option during checkout. 

Please Be Aware: You are automatically enrolled in the course(s) or training track(s) as soon as you have submitted the purchase order transaction. There is not an option to reverse these transactions if a cancellation is necessary. In the event you need to cancel or un-enroll any course(s) or training track(s) paid for by PO, you must have your university administrator manually un-enroll you from the course(s) or training track(s).  

Checkout with PO

  1. Once all items are in the shopping cart, select Begin Checkout.
  2. You will see the payment page where you can select Pay with Card or Submit Purchase Order
  3. Select Submit Purchase Order and fill out the Purchase Order Form.
  4. Select Submit Purchase Order at the bottom to generate your invoice.

Your invoice is now created! You may print the invoice with the Print button at the top. You will also receive an email with the invoice attached. 

IMPORTANT: This invoice MUST be submitted to your accounting department.