Primary Groups

Primary Groups

This feature allows a university to require every member to be a part of a group. This is most often used for public universities with self-registration options.

Every group in your hierarchy structure isn’t required to be a Primary Group. In fact, a good group structure utilizing Primary Groups would be a mix of both Primary and non-Primary groups. Members of a university using Primary Groups may be members of other groups (Parent Groups), subgroups (Child Groups), etc., but they must belong to a Primary Group. Both Parent Groups and Child Groups (subgroups) can be set as a Primary Group.

Primary Groups can be hidden. This means every member of the university is a member of Primary Group, but it doesn’t display on the dropdown to the learner. For example, you may have groups set up to denote positions: Manager, Sales Rep, Warehouse, Remote Employee. For organizational purposes and to better target training, you require every member to be in one of those groups, but you don’t want them to self-select into those groups. In that case, you would make those groups hidden Primary Groups.

NOTE: Learn more about how to Create Group Hierarchies by following this link.

Set Up Primary Groups

To get started with Primary Groups, the first step is to activate the setting in Settings > University > Properties.

  1. Locate the setting in Properties
  2. Check the box next to Primary Groups
  3. If you would like Primary Groups to show up all reports, click the box directly below it as well.
  4. Click Save at the top or bottom of the page.

Make a Group a Primary Group

Once you have Primary Groups turned on, you can set existing or new groups as a Primary Group. Go to Users > Groups > Groups. Select Edit next to an existing Group or enter information to create a new Group. With Primary Groups active, you will see two boxes which can be checked.


NOTE: For help with determining if Primary Groups are the right fit for your university’s Group Structure, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager to discuss.