Promo Codes

A promo code (promotional code) provides a discount when entered in the Promo Code box during checkout.  You may see them listed on our bundle packages to provide the bundle pricing, on promotional postcards we mail out, or in other messaging from BlueVolt. 

IMPORTANT: Promo codes cannot be applied after the transaction is complete. Please make sure you have your promo code available when you begin checkout.

CEU Bundle Promo Codes

If your state has approved a bundle package for courses, the bundle will appear as the first option on the Course Catalog page for that state. Click the bundle to see the Detail. On that page, you will see the promo code listed in the cost breakdown. This promo code is required during checkout. 


Checkout with a Promo Code

To checkout with a promo code, make sure you enter it in the Promo Code field in your shopping cart. 

NOTE: Most promo codes are single-use only, but some promo codes, like those used in a bundle, can be used more than once.