Promo Codes for Paid Courses

If you offer paid courses in your university, you may want to offer discounts on paid courses as a promotional tool, reward, or as an incentive. These codes can be created as one-time or multi-use codes, for one or many learners. There are many ways to use promo codes with your monetized courses.

Access Promo Codes

University Admins can access promo codes to create new, or view existing, codes.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > Promo Codes
  2. To add a new Promo Code, select the image corresponding to the type of code you wish to create.

Types of Promo Codes

There are three types of promo codes you can offer. Each functions in a slightly different way.

Standard Promo Code

The standard promo code is the most popular type of promo code. This is a basic promo code that can be configured to provide a discount to learners upon the purchase of a paid course or training track. When you select Add Standard Promo Code, you will see a screen which has several options for the promo code. The required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*). You can also determine Usage Limits and Restrict to Certain Courses. This allows you to tailor a promo code which can be used for very specific purposes.

Triggered Promo Code

The Triggered Promo Code is one which is triggered/accessed by a learner purchasing or completing a course which you designated as a trigger, unlocking the promo code for use on another course. As with the Standard Promo Code, there are customizable settings and the required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*).


Prepaid Promo Code

The Prepaid Promo Code can be used as a sort of gift card, if you will. This code can carry a balance and be used on multiple courses until the value of the code has been exhausted. As with the Standard Promo Code and Triggered Promo Code, there are customizable settings and the required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*).

External Promo Codes

These are promo codes which can be used for external sites and promotions. If you have existing promo codes for external sites, you can set them up in your BlueVolt university so they are sent to learners upon completion of courses or training tracks. They cannot be redeemed within the BlueVolt platform. 

View/Edit Existing

If you select view/edit existing, you will be taken to a list of all existing promo codes for that promo type. You can view several pieces of information at a glance, edit the code, and view/download a usage report on each code.


There is a report under the Reports tab which provides information on University Promo History. You can also see how many times a specific promo code has been used by selecting view/edit existing under the correct promo code type, finding the promo code on which you wish to report, and selecting View/Report under Times Used. Selecting View will populate the report on the screen while selecting Report will download a spreadsheet you can save/view.

NOTE: For information on how to effectively use promo codes and help with a promo code strategy, contact your Customer Success Manager.