QR Codes for ILT Scheduled Courses

QR Codes can be generated for use with ILT Scheduled Course types. This feature enables you to create a QR code that is specific to each scheduled event generated for a ILT Schedule Course. Depending on how you set it up, QR codes are a handy way to enable your learners that attend an ILT session to mark themselves as either Attended or Attended and Complete so an admin doesn’t have to manage attendance and/or completions manually.

Here’s how it works:

The session instructor displays the QR code for learners who attend the session:

  • print out the roster

  • download the QR code and display on a poster or some signage in the classroom

  • display on a presentation provided during the classroom session

Learners already enrolled in the session:

  1. Learner scans the QR code displayed for the session

  2. The login screen displays and learner logs in

  3. Learner is provided a message that tells them they have successfully been marked as attended for that session

Learners not enrolled in the session:

  1. Learner scans the QR code displayed for the session

  2. The login screen displays and learner logs in

  3. The Course Details screen with enroll button displays

  4. Learner selects the schedule and enrolls in the session for the course (see Note below)

NOTE: When an un-enrolled learner logs in after scanning the QR code, a message will display that says: “Please contact course instructor for enrollment in to this course.” If the course session isn’t full, they can select the schedule and continue with enrollment. If the course is full, the course instructor will need to increase the seat number for the session and enroll the learner manually if they choose to allow the learner in to the session.

How to set up QR codes for a scheduled course:

  1. Create (or edit) a scheduled course type

  2. Select the Generate QR Codes for schedules check box

  3. Select the Attended check box if you want the learner to be marked as attended when they scan the QR code

  4. Select the Attended and Complete check box if you want the learner to automatically be marked as both attended and complete when they scan the QR code


NOTE: If the Attended check box is not marked, when a learner scans the QR code they will be taken to the Course Details page after they log in. One idea for this type of setup could be for learners to complete a course survey module or assessment via their mobile device.



Locate Schedule QR Codes

Once you have QR Codes turned on for a scheduled course, each scheduled session created will automatically have QR Codes assigned. These QR codes can be located in the Course Editor and the Scheduled Session Roster.

Course Editor

When editing a course, you can download the QR code for each session under Step 5. Schedule.


Scheduled Session Roster

From Admin > Training > Manage Enrollments >ILT, you can select a course and then a specific schedule. You can select the Roster button to print out a list of learners enrolled in the course. The QR code automatically displays on the roster.