Recommendation Engine

Manual Selection: Admins can manually select which courses or training tracks they want to choose to display as “Recommended” when learners are viewing specific courses.

The default title that displays for this new section on the Course Detail page is “Recommended for You”. This title can be customized by going to: Admin > Settings > University > Text Labels and Description Section: Custom Recommendation title. This customized title can be also be localized to various languages supported in the university.

Up to four training items (courses or tracks) will display for the learner on the Course Detail page. Only courses that are available to the learner will display (e.g. courses that are restricted to a group where learner is not a member will not display.)

Admins can add recommended courses or training tracks under Recommendations in the Display section when editing a course. In addition to what courses or training tracks should display for the learner, the admin can choose when they want them to display on the Course Detail page. Choosing Always will display other recommended training items any time the learner views the Course Detail page. Choosing Only after completion will display the recommended courses only after the course has been marked as completed.

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