Release 10.61 (January 11 2018)

January 11 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved gateway timeout error so that Inactive Users list loads for Admins
  • Fixed center alignment capability for home page blocks [BlueVolt 2017 UI]
  • Fees and Costs displayed for courses now display 2 decimals (e.g. $40.10 instead of $40.1)
  • Open Badges can now be exported using a different email address
  • Fixed ability to send a badge to Open Badges via the Open Badges button
  • View, Report, and Edit links function correctly on AutoEnrollment Management page
  • AutoEnrollment links add learner to hidden primary groups (as expected) instead of forcing them to select group on the Profile Editor page
  • Course Detail page for Scheduled Courses displays for non-logged in learners as expected. Display is based on Viewable Bysettings in the course editor
  • Terms of Use page now dynamically displays University name within the page text
  • Toggle between Calendar View and List View displays information consistently
  • New languages added for Signup button