Release 10.62 (January 25 2018)

January 25 2018

New Features

Re-Enrollment Options (previously known as Re-Certification): A new option has been added to enable learners to re-enroll (and pay, if necessary) for an online course they have previously completed. The Re-Enrollment Options are selected in the course editor on Step 1.  NOTE: This new option is only available for universities on the BlueVolt 2017 UI.


Bug Fixes

  • Users are now directed to the appropriate login process based on how they access the university (Universities with Direct Login and SSO)
  • Links to courses in the Category Brochure direct users to the course detail page as expected
  • Custom text for enrollment button on paid courses is now respected
  • Course Category page now displays a course that can be enrolled in multiple times once, instead of each enrollment instance
  • If the Module Optional indicator is not checked, the Course Detail display for learners is not displayed next to optional modules
  • Shared Courses dashboard timeout issue has been resolved