Release 10.65 (March 7 2018)

March 7 2018

New Features in this release

Bulk Purchase: The bulk purchase (aka “Buy for Others”) feature is going to production. NOTE: There are university properties that need to set to enable this. They are role-based properties:

  • Paid Courses and Training Tracks: Allow any learner to bulk purchase
  • Paid Courses and Training Tracks: Allow Bulk Course and Training Track Purchases by Group Admins
  • Paid Courses and Training Tracks: Allow Bulk Course and Training Track Purchases by Group Report Viewers

Scheduled Courses Report: This new report is located under Reports on the admin navigation bar. It enables an admin to run a report for Scheduled Courses based on the scheduled date of the course (instead of running a Course Enrollment Totals report which is based on the date learners enrolled or completed a course.)

  • Date Range: start dates of scheduled events for scheduled course types.
  • Categories and Courses includes ALL scheduled events for the specified date range if no further selections are made.
  • The result of selecting the Run Now button is a CSV file that is downloaded to your machine with data regarding all learners enrolled in scheduled courses.

Support for CSV files in User Management: Flat CSV files are now supported for user management when using the FTP option.

Group admins can now edit Sage-only category fields: Previously, only uni admins could add category display settings (aka Sage settings). Now group admins can edit categories that they have access to.

Endpoint Updates:

  • Rest API updates to course schedule endpoint, per requests by Milestone
  • Fixed issues with the DetailedScormData endpoint


Bug Fixes

  • Hotspot quiz type now displays helper text that supported image height is not to exceed 245 px.
  • Show in catalog checkbox status will now not change when a course is edited by a group admin
  • German language translations requested
  • Email log bounce list will now not provide OOPs error
  • Unhandled exceptions page is now not returning oops error
  • Admins can view transaction history on Bluebucks account page
  • Calendar error when quickly changing month is now corrected
  • Oops on unhandled exception page
  • More translations for SBCU
  • Payments not working in NAILD uni
  • Oops page on bounce list email log