Release 10.68 (April 18 2018)

April 18 2018

New features/ feature updates:

  • For Banner blocks containing links without a button label, the entire banner (image and text) now links to the specified URL


Bug Fixes:

  • German translations on login page and logged on home page (legacy)
  • German translations on assessment instructions (legacy)
  • German translations - variety (legacy)
  • Danish translations on assessment
  • Updated deprecated captcha
  • Welcome email with link to incorrect university corrected
  • Badge report time out issue resolved
  • Resolved error received when reversing enrollment charge for payment gateway purchases
  • Resolved Contact page support link error
  • Fixed banner block image file name conflict that caused image not to display
  • Resolved course full error that also prevented course full emails from being delivered
  • Category detail page now respects course display order settings
  • Email user receives for earning CoreRewards was changed to AD Rewards per the request of Affiliated Distributors.
  • Added logging to track SSO intermittent issues experienced by Amsoil learners