Release 10.69 (May 2 2018)

May 2 2018

New Feature(s) or Changes:

  • Added Indonesian as a new language supported in the platform
  • Bulk Purchase button name changed to Buy For Others
  • Added 1099 tax form information to My $BlueBucks Awards Account Summary
  • Purchase Order Feature (See details)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Seat time tracking for modules in the Sage UI
  • Duplicate badges will not display on learner badge page
  • Fixed the word “featured” on featured blocks for the German language.
  • Fixed SSO redirect issues experienced by Amsoil
  • Fixed Billing account page that was showing incorrect course status
  • Aggregated assessment detail page now displays correctly for assessments with Essay type questions
  • Scheduled course changes will now only send email when changes are made to date, time or location of schedule or if schedule is deleted
  • Fixed error that automatically completed learners after completing 1 module on second enrollment attempt of a re-enrollment course
  • Deleted scheduled course session now will not display on calendar as expected
  • Pop language switcher now displays if University setting is selected
  • Fixed export badge error
  • Registration and profile page will now accept dashes (-) in phone number
  • Fixed calendar Event type filter
  • Removed HTML tags that displayed for Thai language