Release 10.70 (May 16 2018)

May 16 2018

New Features/Updates:

  • Group Admin Course Editor Whitelist (See details)
  • Updated Registration Page Privacy and Terms of Use Policy Language: To meet upcoming GDPR requirements, the registration page has updated language regarding the BlueVolt Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and use of cookies language (localized for various supported languages.
  • Lock Learner Profile Edit Page: If enabled (by a BlueVolt account manager), this feature will prevent a learner from editing information on their profile page (such as their phone number or address). BlueVolt 2017 UI ONLY
  • Email Opt Out Link: There is now an opt-out link at the bottom of emails sent from platform. This enables learners to opt-out of receiving emails from the system.
  • New tokens for Welcome Block: Added support for custom profile field tokens for the Welcome Block. For example, you could display a Job Title custom profile field on the Welcome block.
  • In addition to supporting the first name token, there is a new token for last name supported in the Welcome Block ( [[lastname]] ) available to all BlueVolt 2017 UI universities. 


Bug Fixes:

  • Historical upload will only enroll learner in active or inactive courses and will not enroll learner in a deleted course.
  • Featured courses now display in correct order.
  • Completion status is fixed for training tracks with shared courses.
  • Autoenrollment links now work in Safari for Sage UI universities.
  • Course full status is now checked first when system attempts to add waitlisted user instead of being based on a user being unenrolled.
  • Changes a few Chinese translations based on feedback from SBCU.
  • No case: Login from Reset password page redirects learner to home page instead of staying on reset password page after successful log in.
  • No case: Purchase Order Reverse Enrollment charge on admin side is now also Unenrolling learner as expected.
  • No case: My Enrolled training block will show default university thumbnail for the university the course or training track was shared from instead of the university you are currently logged in to.
  • No case: Sharing Center My Courses now displays course image
  • No case: Sharing Center registration phone number field now accepts dashes without throwing an error