Release 10.72 (June 13 2018)



  • User Access Log: As part of GDPR compliance, we can now provide a log of admins who may have accessed user information in a university. This is currently only available to BT Admins. Settings > BlueTech > User Access Log
  • Row of 5 layout block for home page: New block type enables you to create a row of 5 block in addition to row of 3 or row of 4
  • Admin Resources Navigation Update: The Resources item now has a dropdown with 2 items. One is to Knowledge Base (which now resides on Zendesk) and the other is to a history of Admin Announcements.
  • REST API Additions: Enrollment endpoint now includes Historic course types as well as enrollments for shared courses.
  • Custom date range for learner transcript: There is now a Custom Date Range option for learners to filter their transcripts by specific dates.
  • Add to Transcript (2017 UI): With the Add to Transcript property enabled for a university, learners can add information to their transcript for courses or content consumed outside of their university. These additions must be approved by a university admin in Admin > Settings > University tab.


Bug fixes:


  • Fixed error for Training Track enrollments
  • Fixed training calendar loading when switching months
  • Fixed issue with Canadian gift cards that were unredeemable
  • Japanese translations in legacy UI 
  • Russian translations in new UI 
  • Chinese translations in new UI 
  • Indonesian translations in new UI