Release 10.73 (June 27 2018)

New Features:


  • Order History: Learners can go to their profile and view previous order transactions and the receipts or Purchase Order Invoices associated with the order.
  • Internal Course Cost: Admins can set the “internal” cost for a course, such as their cost for purchasing a course from a 3rd party vendor or their cost to develop or deliver a course. The internal cost can be set when creating or editing a course under Other Settings in the Step 4. Settings section. This information is available when you run a Course Enrollment Totals Report as well as the Reporting API via the Course and Billing endpoints.
  • Custom Subject Line for Course Enrollment Email: Previously, Admins could only customize the body of a course enrollment email. Now, Admins can customize the Subject line as well.
  • Transcript Summary Update: Learners who are a member of only one university will now also see a summary at the top of their transcript similar to learners who are members of multiple universities.
  • 1099 Tax Information Disclaimer on My $BlueBucks Awards Page: Added wording to the card selection page when redeeming BlueBucks regarding the need to collect tax information upon redemption total reaching $600 in a calendar year. Previously added this information to the My $BlueBucks Awards Account Summary page.



Bug fixes:


  • Added padding for better formatting for single column banner blocks
  • Fixed issue with Payment email timing out that was preventing enrollment
  • Fixed issue with Primary groups not displaying properly when registering or editing profile
  • Refresh issue with merchant page is resolved
  • Fixed issue with the New User Access log that didn’t work on some universities
  • Resolved issue with error some admins would get when trying to approve enrollment requests