Release 10.74 (July 11 2018)

New Features:


Show All button on My Enrolled Home Page Block: A Show All button has been added to the My Enrolled Block for a learner to display remaining courses or Training Tracks that they may be enrolled in currently.

Course Instructors Can Approve Activity Courses: Course Instructors can now approve Activity type courses. Previously, only university or group admins could approve these courses.

Check Prepaid Card balance from My Account page: A Check Prepaid Code balance link has been added to the My Account page so a learner can check on an existing balance prior to selecting a paid course and going to the shopping cart.

Add Course Length Minutes When Adding Offline Course to Transcript: Per a request from several customers, learners can now include minutes spent in an offline course when they add one to their transcript. These minutes will be included in their total hours/minutes summary of time spent on all courses.

Add Seat Time Requirement for SCORM Modules: To support a project with BlueVolt CEU, minimum time requirements at the SCORM module level have been added.



Bug fixes:


Russian translation requests performed for Sage UI

Japanese translation requests performed Legacy UI

Beta Dashboard button hidden from Group Admins. (Temporary solution pending additional authorization work on Beta Dashboard)

Deleted training tracks removed from training track progress reports

Fixed Admin Training Calendar link on Training Calendar management page to direct to new UI

Fixed custom thumbnail setting to respect selected option for home page blocks

Resolved error with adding new facility on Edit Schedule/Resources section