Release 10.75 (July 25 2018)

New Features:


  • Admins can re-enroll a learner courses marked as self re-enroll: Admins can re-enroll a learner under certain conditions.
  • Badges feature may be turned off: In the 2017 UI, if your university doesn’t intend to use badges, this feature can be turned off so that any Badges references don’t display on the learner side.
  • Additional SCORM Data available in Reporting API: Attempt, ObjectiveID and Description information from SCORM modules were added to the Reporting API endpoint: “DetailedSCORMData”


Bug fixes:


  • Fixed CourseLength token used in certificates to display in hours instead of minutes
  • Inactive courses will not display in My Enrolled homepage block nor the Enrolled Courses page (unless completed, then shows dates)
  • Closing module window will update current status on course detail page.
  • Pending enrollments now match daily training summary email sent to admins
  • Learners can update their License info on their profile (BlueVolt CEU Uni)
  • Duplicate groups error on Edit Course page resolved
  • Resolved issue with SSO
  • My Report page timeout issues resolved
  • University $BlueBucks Report now display both Rollup and Details tabs
  • Fixed issue with AssessmentAggregatedResults endpoint in Reporting API
  • Fixed issue with Aggregated Assessment report
  • Fixed issue when uploading image file with space in the name
  • Training Track pages now show additional course details such as Cost/Fee, Duration, and Enrollment status
  • Fixed issue which prevented learners who have completed ILT course from enrolling in a new schedule
  • Course Thumbnail Issues on Recently Added block and My Enrolled courses page resolved
  • Fixed multiple issue with setting up Navigation bar for 2017 UI that resulted in error messages