Release 10.76 (August 8 2018)



  • Reporting API v2:
  • A lot of work went in to the last few sprints to update the endpoints for the Reporting API. These updates provide additional endpoints for more flexibility in structuring dashboards and data, additional filters, versioning control, and improved performance. This work has resulted in a new URL structure for all the endpoints and IP restrictions for security purposes. Note: The old endpoints that customers may currently be using will still work for the foreseeable future. The customer success team will be working to help customers migrate to the updated version.
  • Changed “Forgot Password” to “I Don’t Have My Password”:
  • Per feedback from some customers who direct their learners to use the Forgot Password link to set up their initial password for new leaners, the wording for the link and the subsequent screens have been changed to be less confusing for new learners yet still work for learners that need to reset their password.
  • Replaced Flash Based Video Uploader:
  • The Flash based video uploader has been replaced with a non-Flash based uploader. (SCORM modules Flash uploader will be replaced in next sprint).





  • Added Passed and Score to the Reporting endpoint for ILT courses ‘getclasscourseenrollmnets’)
  • Relay courses that contain an ampersand or other special characters will now play as expected
  • Export Course Schedule now downloads with expected .csv file type
  • Category terminology and course outline details are now translated appropriately (Sage UI)
  • Enrollment Popup confirmation button translated appropriately for Portuguese (both legacy and Sage UI)
  • Course Emailer is using as the email in From as expected
  • Added missing Custom Fields to UsersGetAllUsers Reporting endpoint
  • Fixed issue with uploading profile images