Release 10.77 (August 22 2018)

New Features:


  • Available Badges (2017 UI Only): Learners can now see badges that are available for them to earn. When learners click the badges link from the profile header, they will see any badges they have earned at the top of the page and available badges that they are eligible to earn in that university towards the bottom of the page. NOTE: If the university has not set up any badges, there is an option in the admin on the UI Interface tab to hide the badges page from learners.
  • Option to Display Both Number of Courses and Course Hours Completed on the Transcript (2017 UI Only): In addition to choosing the option to display the number of courses or the total of course hours completed, Admins can set the option for both to display on the learner’s transcript summary. See Course Completion Units on Transcript
  • Color Theme for Course and Training Track Progress bars: Course and Training Track Progress bars now match the Primary Active Button in color set under the Theme section of the UI Interface tab.




  • Course Instructors assigned to Activity type courses will now receive email when learner submits for enrollment approval. Training Track Detail page will now respect Course Display Order set on the Training Track admin page.
  • Changed helper text on the Two Equal Columns > Banner Block recommended image size to be more accurate (700x200px).
  • Fixed issue that occasionally caused re-enrollments for learners to fail.
  • My Enrolled Training Home page blocks will now respect the Display Custom or No Image Thumbnail settings.
  • The Reset button the transcript will now reset the date as expected.
  • Resolved issue that prevented YouTube icon and link from displaying on university footer pages.
  • All Flash based upload buttons have been replaced in the admin side of the platform.