Release 10.81 (October 17 2018)

New Features

  • Learner Notifications: In addition to receiving an email, learners can access their notifications after logging in to the platform. The header displays an alert with a number to let a learner know they have new notifications, when clicked, the items in the notification will link them to the related training item (e.g. course or training track if appropriate). The Learner Notification feature will include the following:
    • Course enrollment (system re-enrollment)
    • Training Track enrollment
    • Behind Schedule
    • Activity Approved
    • Essay graded
    • Offline Course accepted
    • Badge Earned
  • Admin Shortcut: University Admins will be presented with a list of admin navigation shortcut items when they click the admin link on the from the learner side. Shortcut links are not available for other admins (e.g. Group or Report Admins)
  • Course Editor Notes Field: There is a new Notes field on the first step of the course editor that allows admins to enter notes about a course. This is a free text area without any character limits. This field is useful to remind you or others who work on the course about course admin specific information.


Bug fixes/Support

  • Fixed areas reported that were missing translations (for all languages)
  • Row of 5 block is aligning properly when there are blocks with extra long text lines
  • The Apply filter button now matches university primary button theme color
  • Fixed logo layout on assessment window