Release 10.82 (October 31 2018)

New feature/Re-design:

Simplified navigation to course editor: The page that displays after selecting Courses from the admin navigation link has been designed to enable admins to find courses they wish to edit more quickly.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue that allowed an admin to enable “Enroll without selecting a schedule” feature for paid courses. This caused situations where a learner could pay for a scheduled course without selecting a date/time to attend the course. The course editor will now prevent a paid course from having the “Enroll without selecting a schedule” feature enabled.
  • It was reported that the Course Hierarchy report was displaying inaccurate data regarding the Active or Inactive course status. Upon investigation, it revealed the problem was incomplete data for the status of shared courses. Courses published in the subscriber university may be set as active or inactive and is reported in the Course status column. A new column has been added, called Library status, that reports what the publisher (owner) of the course currently has set the status for the course as if it is shared to the subscriber. (e.g. Inactive shared instance means I am no longer sharing my course with you.)
  • Fixed issue with display of training track progress on the learner transcript.
  • Fixed issue with discrepancy between number of badges earned on the Badge page and the number of badges earned displayed in the learner profile drop down.
  • The Request Approval button now displays as expected on the course detail page for Activity course types.