Release 10.84 (November 28 2018)

New Features/Updates:

  • Beta Dashboard is now “The New Dashboard”
  • Learners can preview OpenSesame modules added through the marketplace integration – Admins can set a preview for OpenSesame modules so that learners can preview the module for up to 120 seconds prior to enrolling in the course.



Bug fixes:

  • Resolved issue with copying a course feature that was modifying original course
  • French translation update for “I don’t have my password”
  • German translation update filter on category side bar
  • French translation for certificate button
  • Italian translation for home page block
  • Resolved issue with some badges providing error when trying to export to Mozilla
  • Resolved issue with custom URL redirects that required a  / at end to load correctly
  • Dutch translation now displays correctly on transcript
  • Resolved issue with SSO when using links to courses
  • Added validation to URL Alias Management page so that it prevents BT admin from entering a full path URL in the Alias field