Release 10.85 (December 12 2018)

New features/updates:

  • $BlueBucks Giftcard Redemption Integration Upgrade: Upgraded to the Alder API per requirement from Incomm (3rd party vendor that supports gift card redemptions). Additional functionality enables a BlueVolt Admin to select whether a card is available to a specific university (or not).


Bug fixes:

  • Removed HTML characters for the Aggregated Test Detail CSV download.
  • Fixed Polish language translations
  • Fixed issue with pin codes for training tracks not working in Sage universities
  • Sage universities that allow Switch Universities option from the profile drop down is now working properly.
  • Fixed issue with Integration Usage pages timing out
  • Fixed issue with new dashboard displaying “unauthorized” for some users.
  • Fixed various issues reported at dev demo with New Dashboard:
    • Added navigation drop down
    • Chart now allows the “totals” options to be deselected
    • Selected chart universities persist when selecting radio buttons for Enrollments, Completions or Both
  • Resolved display issue with Edge