Release 10.87 (January 9 2019)

New Features:

Promo code admin page redesign: The admin promo code management page has been redesigned in preparation to support External Promo codes in the near future.

Bugs fixes/Changes:

  • Fixed IE issue with respecting block card font color.
  • All assigned Course Instructors will now receive unenrollment course emails
  • Resolved issue with timeout when editing a question for assessments in progress
  • Fixed issue where admin receives oops error when trying to edit a user name on a certificate
  • Resolved issue with Sage UI Admin link not maintaining theme color
  • CAN Ultimate Dining Card image on admin page now displays as expected
  • Enrollment popup now displaying as expected for paid courses
  • Digest emails now being sent to appropriate university admins
  • Updated Auto-enrollment link to work with as required when learner has profile fields to complete
  • Resolved issue where admins were unable to upload videos
  • Resolved issue with Shared Courses page timeout