Release 10.88 (January 24 2019)

New Features

Refund Policy language change: Per customer requests, the refund policy language displayed on the shopping cart has been updated. It now reads: I agree to the provider’s refund policy. Please see the Contact page for our refund policy.


Bug fixes/Changes

  • Fixed issues where users who opted out of a re-enrollment course were getting re-enrolled.
  • Courses a user previously completed, which are now Inactive, will display in the learner's transcript as Inactive
  • Fixed issue with HTML rendering in Assessment Edit Quiz popup
  • Fixed issue with CET group tree displaying wrong nodes when viewer is group admin of both parent and child group
  • Non-logged in users will now be unable to skip pin-code requirement
  • Sage UI will force user to pick primary group (if required) with SSO login
  • Resolved issue with enrolling in training track which contains a course that is set not to show in catalog
  • Select All option now works for Certain Groups on the CET report
  • Resolved multiple issues with university headers not respecting theme colors
  • Current enrollment status will now display as expected on the training catalog
  • Resolved issue with completion certificate error is the course was from a historical upload
  • Fixed issues with error displayed when clicking on a course that has a long "estimated time to complete course" (e.g. 9900000 minutes)
  • Arrow icons under Summary on Profile page does not redirect user
  • Fixed issue with re-enrollment courses causing the number of "Completed Courses" on Transcript and Profile not to match