Release 10.92 (March 21 2019)

New Features:

  • Training Track Estimated Duration: Training Tracks now display Estimated Duration for all courses in the training track that have a course length indicated.
  • Training Track Auto Sum of Course Costs: Training Tracks now have an option to display either a specified course (cost of the track if paid up front) or auto sum of the courses in the track (total amount paid after each course is paid individually).
    1. For the cost area to display on the training track editor, need to turn on property in uni: Paid Training Tracks
    2. Selecting Auto-Sum displays the cost of all the courses in the track, but the learner will pay for them individually.
    3. Specified Cost ignores individual cost of courses in the track and lets the learner pay for the whole track with the amount entered in the specified cost field.
    4. If auto-enroll in courses option is selected in the track editor, learners will only be auto-enrolled in courses in the track that DON’T have a cost.
    If the track doesn’t have any courses with a cost and has auto-sum option selected, the cost won’t display on the detail page.
  • Bug Fixes/Changes:

    • Auto-enrollment links accessed via SSO users will not redirect to course detail page after logging in.
    • Resolved issue with admins receiving Oops error when inactivating users.
    • Resolved issue with pin codes expecting case sensitivity when they shouldn’t.
    • Resolved issue when viewing Sage navigation bar with a reduced browser size not displaying the translated “More” option.
    • Admins are now not able to upload empty files for the File Module type. This behavior resulted in error message on learner side when active course had a file module with an empty PDF file.