Release 10.99 (June 26 2019)

New Features:

  • File Upload Module Type: The new File Upload Module type is now available for admins to start adding to their courses.
  • Flash Audit Tool: University admins have a new report that enables them to download a CSV of all courses that contain modules that are Flash based. They can then use this data to plan a content refresh in preparation for the end of Flash support by browsers in 2020.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Module Age Report: The Course Age report name has been changedto Module Age Report. This report lists the date created or last updated for each of the modules in a course. Thus the report name has been changed to make it more clear as to what data is provided.
  • Resolved issue with new admin header causing buttons at bottom of some admin pages acting unresponsive.
  • My Reports page now runs Completion reports as expected instead of always running them as Enrollment reports.
  • Courses set up as Learner Re-enrollment now allow admins to manually pass as needed via the learner’s transcripts.
  • Resolved issue that caused error when trying to run learner transcript on old, legacy UI universities.
  • Resolved issue where Publisher account customers files uploaded via the Sharing Center were not received by BlueVolt Support via Zendesk case.
  • Resolved issue where SSO learners logging in were not forced to complete required custom profile fields.
  • Resolved issue with Uni admin role and group admin role for same user was providing admin with oops error when trying to edit a group member.
  • Fixed issue reported by Milestone specific to their SSO setup.
  • Added Recognized Vendor filed as a column that may be selected before running a Course Enrollment Totals report.