Release 11.00 (July 10 2019)

New Features:

  • Admin Shortcuts from Learner Side: In addition to Edit Course and Enroll Users on the course detail page, Edit This Category, Edit This Track and Edit This Schedule are now available to University Admins.
  • Theme Editor Color Palette Addition: Admins can now select a specific color for the text in the Search field on the nav bar. Admin > User Interface > Theme > Color Palette > Search Box Text Color
  • Owning University on Course Enrollment Totals Report: A new column will now display on the CET called Owning University. This column informs the admin who owns the course. (e.g. Who the course was shared from). NOTE: The existing University column informs the admin where the course was consumed (enrolled in).
  • Fixed Pricing Course Billing Account Inactivation: Fixed Pricing Course Billing Accounts will now be automatically inactivated on the date set by BTAdmin when the system switches from the Fixed Pricing account to the “normal” billing account.


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue where pdf attachments via email log were blank.
  • Add to Transcript page file upload issue resolved
  • Resolved issue with Reporting API: V1 Enrollment Endpoint not returning data as expected
  • Made some improvements to admin transcript that would timeout when loading a learner transcript with extensive data
  • Removed hard-coded reference to a specific customer in Terms & conditions via the Sharing Center.
  • Resolved issue with Disabled/Inactive User status causing Module Age report crashing
  • Improved access to module editor for the new File Upload Module type
  • Fixed UI issue on course detail page when course included new File Upload module type
  • Resolved issue with Reporting API: Module Scores endpoint timing out.