Release 11.01 (July 24 2019)

New Features:

  • Uni Admins can reprint an invoice or receipt for customers via Email Log: Uni admins can reprint invoices or receipts attached to emails sent to learners by going to Email Management > Email Log and searching for learner’s name.
  • Receipt & PO Invoice displays links to courses: To provide a quick way for learners to start their training after paying for a course (or selecting a PO option), the receipt or PO Invoice that displays onscreen provides links to courses or training tracks purchased.
  • Group Level $BlueBucks Admin Page Update: To facilitate better understanding of the management of Group Level $BlueBucks, a Course Default $BlueBucks column has been added to admin the Group $Bluebucks admin page. This displays the default level $BlueBucks set by course creator.  Group admins with permissions to edit $BlueBucks for their group can use the Update Group $BB column to change the amount. This is reflected in the Current Group $BlueBuck column. A Reset to Default link to reset the amount to current default $BB amount has also been added in the Current Group $BlueBuck column.


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue with Merge account page not handling re-enrollment courses as expected.
  • Resolved issues with Salesforce Sync
  • Resolved issue with Enroll in Courses on admin transcript not working as expected
  • Resolved issue with Training Tracks property not enabled was blocking admin from creating badges.