Release 11.02 (August 7 2019)

New Features:

  • Flash Audit Report Updates: The Flash Audit report now defaults to Active courses with an option to include with Inactive courses if needed. Also, three new columns of information have been added to the report: Vendor, Recognized vendor, and file size. NOTE: Vendor and Recognized vendor are not required fields and this information may often not be available for courses in your university.
  • Video Modules via Mobile Update: A Close button was added to the player so that when finished viewing a video via a mobile device, the learner can click the new Close button to return directly back to the course detail page.


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Added logging to better track occasional BV CEU Uni Pay Now issues.
  • Resolved issue with Welcome Email not including image in customized version of email.
  • Fixed issue with updating address when using Bulk upload
  • Fixed mobile version of announcements when accessed via mobile.
  • Resolved issue with duplicate enrollments showing on home page My Enrolled block.
  • Fixed mobile version of Checkout button that was occasionally not “clickable”.
  • Resolved issue when searching for user with lengthy email address.
  • External Promo code emails will now render as expected (and without HTML).
  • Uni admins can now view External promo code emails in email log.
  • Currency on Calendar page and Course detail page now match as expected.
  • Allow retakes works for Multiple Enrollment courses.
  • Resolved issue with error when searching for a ser on the manual pass page.