Release 11.04 (September 4 2019)

New Features:

New Features/Updates:

  • Flash Audit Report: Updated the Flash Audit Report so that it no longer includes courses with modules that contain Flash Fallback. Modules with Flash fallback in the SCORM package should continue to work properly for devices without Flash installed.
  • China CAPTCHA Support: Updated the CAPTCHA to support learners that log in from China. WD-40 reported that learners in China were experiencing problems logging in due to a change in China’s support of the current platform CAPTCHA.
  • Updated Privacy Notice: We have joined the EU-US Privacy Shield program and have updated the platform Privacy Notice to reflect our Privacy Shield certification. 
  • Updated logout redirect for universities with both SSO and Non-SSO login: Universities that have both SSO and Non-SSO login will now return learners to their login URL (Customer portal or BlueVolt customer university home page) when they log out.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • SCORM tracking progress issues resolved. Resolved caching issue where SCORM modules were always returning learners to the beginning of the module with each successive launch. 
  • Resolved issue with Training Track not displaying all courses on the training track detail page as well as an excessively long loading time. 
  • Updated Incomm Gift Card API Integration to handle physical cards 
  • Updated platform to support files with longer file names to resolve error reported when uploading SCORM file. 
  • Removed unsupported tokens (Firstname & Lastname) from Registration Welcome email. 
  • Resolved issue with Shared courses not displaying on CET. 
  • Resolved issue with Multiple enrollments displaying incorrectly on the list of courses on homepage block.
  • Resolved issue with redirect error when launching enrolled course from My Enrolled training page for course that is in a different university.