Release 11.05 (September 18 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • PO Invoice Language Updates: Language has been changed to better reflect the experience of choosing the PO Invoice option.  Instead of "Thank you for your enrollment! Please Note: You will receive an email with the following invoice as an attachment.”  It will now say:  "Thank you for your enrollment! Please forward this invoice on to your Accounts Payable Department for payment processing. You can also find a copy of this invoice by going to your profile and selecting Order History.”
  • Shared Course name will remain the same on CET and Reporting Endpoints: When a university shares a course and runs the CET in their university the course name will now be the original course name even if the enrollment occurred in another university where the name of the course was changed.
  • External Promo Codes for Uni Admins: For universities using External Promo Codes, uni admins will now be able to access the tab to be able to manage their external code banks. 


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue where group admin rights were overwriting course instructor rights. 
  • Resolved issue where users were able to access group restricted course when sent a direct link. 
  • Training track editor page issue with enrolling users has been hot fixed in production. 
  • Access Expiration Report column is now respected as a selected “Certain Report column” on the CET. 
  • Assessment WYSIWYG now works as expected when uploading images.
  • Resolved issue with timeout of Suspicious User Activity page 
  • Fixed Module Age Report to be able to run successfully, even if there are link modules with a path to an invalid URL. 
  • New google analytics was occasionally causing learner side errors.