Release 11.06 (October 2 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • Group Hierarchy Report: Added additional information to the Group Hierarchy Report.  This report now includes:
    • Number of active users in group
    • Primary group (true/false)
    • Hidden primary group (true/false)
    • External Group ID field (may be empty as this is not used by many unis)
    • Group Type (may be empty as this is not used by many unis)
    • Description Field (last column)
  • V3 Module Scores Endpoint: Added userIDs and moduleIDs as filters to the v3 module scores endpoint 


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue with full screen videos not working in Chrome browser. 
  • Group admins will now only get notification of file uploads for students of their groups. They will not get notification for file uploads for users that are admins only and not students of their groups.
  • Removing a course from training track will now only delete course enrollment if the learner has not completed the courses. If their status is In Progress or Enrolled and the course is removed from the track, their enrollment will be deleted (Unless it is a paid course). 
  • Updated the Access Time Limit feature that learners already enrolled in a course that has been changed to have an time limit for access will not be automatically set as Expired. If the course is also marked with Renew enabled, the Renew button will display and they will be able to re-enroll in the course. 
  • Resolved issue with course in the CEU Electrical University where a course was always adding the Rush Reporting option to the shopping cart.  
  • Updated the Course Enrollment Totals Report to display Region column 
  • Added functionality for Vanilla Visa orders to retry processing orders to Incomm after failure.