Release 11.07 (October 17 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • New Dashboard: Soft launch of the new dashboard. The Go to New Dashboard button will now point to the newest version of the dashboard. Admins can return to the current dashboard by clicking the “Go to Old Dashboard” button.

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  • Learner Transcript Update: In addition to total course hours and number of courses, the totals for the date range selected also displays for each university the learner is listed as a member.
  • User Profile/Registration Page: Changed Region label on the user profile and registration page to display State/Province/Region to better reflect naming conventions in various countries.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

Resolved issue with the Allow Retakes page timing out. 

Resolved issue with duplicates showing on allow retakes page. 

Resolved issue with error when downloading completion certificates. 

Fixed BlueBucks redemption display issues on IE 11 

Learner side navigation bar now “sticks” as expected when scrolling down pages. 

Update with Akamai cache and uni redirects to resolve issue reported where some users where redirected to incorrect university.