Release 11.08 (October 30 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • New Dashboard: Tonight we will be reversing the order of the old and new dashboards. Starting tomorrow, BlueVolt Admins will see the new dashboard as the default. However, they will still be able to navigate to the old dashboard as needed. Also, all scheduled dashboards that they may have previously set up for the old dashboard will continue to be delivered.  
  • Appended File Name: Admins who upload images with the same name as they may have previously used will now see that the file name is automatically appended. This enables them to upload a file without having to change the name of an existing file to a different name prior to uploading the file.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • New Dashboard updates. Made several changes and “tweaks” based on feedback from soft launch of Dashboard. 
  • Resolved mobile ”zoom in” issue. 
  • Access time limit emails now render tokens in email as expected. 
  • Resolved issue with adding new item to blocks with Training List content type. 
  • Sort buttons on My Enrolled training page now sort chronologically and Alphabetically as expected. 
  • Resolved issue where users were redirected to profile page when all required fields had been completed. 
  • Resolved issue with Salesforce Sync timing out. 
  • Course Preview window size now displays at expected size.