Release 11.09 (November 13 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • Registration Process Update: For public universities where learners can self-register, the registration process and the point at which an account is created has been updated to better facilitate account creation requirements. Accounts will now be created after a learner has completed all required account fields instead of directly after the learner enters a new email and password. While learners often completed the remaining items in their profile, occasionally some did not. This caused accounts being listed with missing required data and caused frustration for admins. 
  • Registration Request Notifications for Admins: For public universities that also provide a “Request Approval form” for learners to request access to the universities, an email will be sent to the specified email address to alert them that a new user is waiting for approval. The email address that these notifications should be sent to is entered under Admin > Settings > University > Settings tab > New User Notification Email.
  • French Canadian New Platform Language: French Canadian is now offered as a platform language. Note: To differentiate between two different French languages, the language drop down now displays the country in parenthesis as a qualifier. e.g. Francais (Canada) or Francais (France)
  • Completion Certificate Course Length Token Update: Course completion certificates that include the Course Length token now display course length as hours or minutes to more accurately reflect the settings the administrator has entered for each course (instead of converting minutes or partial hours to a decimal display for an hour).

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue where non-logged in users where getting oops when accessing course set for non-logged in users. 
  • Resolved issue where $BlueBucks Account Summary page wasn’t displaying processed or completed redemptions as a deduction. Parentheses now surround the amount. e.g. (50) 
  • Resolved issue with admin transcript view producing an error instead of the transcript as expected. 
  • Resolved issue where manual pass was causing an error due to trying to also award a badge. 
  • Resolved issue with Training Tracks being marked at 100% but without a completion date or the ability to access training track certificate.
  • Resolved issue with learners unable to enroll in scheduled courses. 
  • Resolved issue where learner would receive oops error when trying to upload a file for a file upload module. 
  • Changed course emailer to only display learners most current enrollment when enrolled in a multi-enrollment course. 
  • Updated some German translations on the admin side. 
  • Fixed issue where current learner status such as Complete, On Schedule, Enrolled, etc, was not displaying on My Enrolled Training page as expected. 
  • Added CSS styling to change hover behavior state of Enroll button.
  • Resolved issue where learners were able to launch module content for a course they were still awaiting approval.