Release 11.10 (November 25 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • Course Editor Audit Info: Administrators who create and edit courses are now provided at the top of the first section of the course editor with a Created by and Last Modified by username and time stamp.
  • Block Enrolled Content Option for Inactivated Groups: When you inactivate a group (previously labeled “Disable”), an additional option displays where you can choose to also block course module access for learners who have previously enrolled in courses that are restricted to the group that is now inactivated. Simply inactivating a group without also checking the “Block from Enrolled Courses” check box, just prevents the learner from searching and enrolling in new group restricted courses.
  • Featured and Recently Added block updates: Similar to other block behavior, admins can now customize the display title for the Featured and Recently Added blocks.
  • Norwegian – New Platform Language:  Norwegian is now offered as a platform language.
  • Access Time Limit Notification Email Update: Changed the subject line of the Access Time Limit Notification email to include the university name so that it is consistent with other notification emails.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Fixed issue with learners being able to redeem $BlueBucks in non-Sage universities.
  • Blocked the Promo code field and changed the helper text below the field when the shopping cart has purchases selected that include “Buy for others” option to make it more clear that promo codes are unavailable for use with these types of purchases.
  • Resolved issue with Access Denied error when saving a category with a duplicate name. 
  • Resolved issue with Reporting API error for the Enrollment V1 endpoint. 
  • Resolved issue with full list of primary groups not displaying on the registration page for public universities that require a primary group selection 
  • Resolved issue with receiving an error when creating a category through the Course Category Management page. 
  • Resolved issue where wrong university may display when using the Preview feature. 
  • Resolved issue with category headers being marked incorrectly as “Show Category Header” checked by default incorrectly. 
  • Added additional checks so that SCORM packages authored in Camtasia and contain HTML5 with Flash Fallback don’t display on the Flash Audit Report.
  • Resolved issue where cost per schedule ILT purchases that are selected as Euro currency were being sent to PayFlow Pro as USD currency.
  • Resolved issue where newly approved users who have been approved via the Request Approval page where still not able to log in.