Release 11.11 (December 11 2019)

New Features/Updates:

  • Training Expected Completion Date Displays on Learner’s Transcript: On the Training Track editor, when admins set the number of days for the Expected Duration to complete a training track the resulting due date now displays an Expected Completion Date on a learner’s transcript based on the date they enrolled in the training track.
  • Inactivated or Removed Shared Courses Email Notification: From the Shared Courses page, admins can inactivate or remove their shared courses for specific universities. All university admins for the university that the inactivated or removed course was shared to will receive an email notifying them that the course is now inactive. The email contains a link to the course editor for the course in their university so that they may make changes as needed, such as remove from training tracks or a category in their catalog.
  • Training Track Alert for Inactive Courses: A message will now always display on the course editor for any course that is marked inactive AND is part of a training track. This message alerts the admin that the inactive course is currently a part of one or more training tracks and provides them the opportunity to remove the inactive course from the track, if needed, directly from the message window.
  • Customize and Localize Course Enroll Button:  Under Admin > Settings > University – under the Text Labels and Descriptions area, a new item called Custom EnrollButtonText is listed. This allows admins to customize the enroll button for all courses at once instead of each course individually, as well as define the custom button for various languages.
  • Training Calendar Location Filter: The training calendar now has Country and State/Province/Region listed as a filter for scheduled events. The Country and State/Province/Region is pulled from the Scheduled Course address entered for a Resource or Miscellaneous Location associated with a scheduled session.  


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue with learner registration page that required learner to enter address even when it was not a required field. 
  • Issue resolved with Email log displaying admin emails for other uni’s than the one’s that the logged in admin has permissions. 
  • Resolved issue with new dashboard Export Data report not respecting filters set for the dashboard. 
  • Resolved issue with 1099 form requirements for users that had redemptions processed manually. 
  • Admin nav bar now respects time out behavior.