Release 11.13 (January 22 2020)

New Features/Updates:  

  • Password Reset – Validate Entry: Per industry standards, the Password Reset form requires that the user enters their password twice and validates that they match.  
  • Grade Essay email link: The link in the Grade Essay email to admins now links directly to essay response submitted by the learner instead of the entire list of responses that need to be graded.  


Bug Fixes/Changes: 

  • Resolved issue where running the admin side transcript for a specific learner resulted in error page. 
  • Made improvements to the admin side transcript page where admins sometimes received a gateway timeout when attempting to run a transcript for some learners.
  • Made improvements to the new Dashboard Share feature to prevent incorrectly cropped images of the dashboard from being sent via the email.
  • Resolved issue with new Dashboard where group changes were not updated in the dashboard. 
  • Resolved issue with the new Dashboard filter Search functionality that resulted in the dashboard not applying the selected filter criteria. 
  • Updated the Online Transaction Report so that quantity of items purchases is accurately reflected. 
  • Additional update to the SalesForce integration package to prevent time out. (Reported by Savant) 
  • Training Calendar updated so that the zip code filter doesn’t display if there are not any training events listed that occur in the US.