Release 11.16 (March 18 2020)

New Features/Updates:

New Feature: Save Dashboard Filter Views 

This feature enables University Admins to filter the dashboard and save the selected filters as a view with a specific time range or a specific group, for example. A saved view can also be set as the default view that initially displays when first loading the new dashboard.  

NOTE: Save Dashboard Filter Views is only available to University Admins. Group and Report Viewer admins do not have this functionality available.   

Read more here in the Dashboard knowledgebase article .


Updated Feature: This course contains audio for Sage UI

If an admin chooses to, they can select a check box on Step 2. Display of the course editor that the course contains audio. This information will display for the learner on the course detail page.



Updated Feature: Autoenrollment link transition page should not show header and should carry email address to registration page 

This feature was redesigned to improve the Autoenrollment experience, especially for new users who are initially signing up for a university.  When a user clicks an autoenrollment link, the initial page will only show a page with the course name and instructions to enter their email address. If the email address doesn’t match that of an existing user in a university and the course is in a public university, then the user will be presented with a registration page where the email they entered on the autoenrollment link page is carried through to the registration page.


NOTE: If the course is in a private university and the user doesn’t match an existing account, they will receive an accessed denied page.



Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Show missing Fee and Course length for courses listed on Training Track detail page 
  • Added additional wording about adding lowercase letter in addition to uppercase letter to assist learners with entering correct password configuration on the password reset page. 
  • Resolved issue that caused confusion for admin of a university that would see admin link when visiting university they were not an admin of. 
  • Fix issue where admin was receiving error when trying to inactivate a user in the university due to bad data.