Release 11.18 (April 15 2020)

New Features/Updates:

Feature Update: My Courses Page - Shared Courses: Removed Delete Capability

Previously, a university admin could delete (in addition to inactivating) a course that was shared to their university. Deleting a course that was shared and had enrollments caused the course to no longer be included in reports and was blocked from being re-shared in the future if needed.

Shared courses can still, however, be inactivated so that their learner can no longer find them in the catalog or take the course.

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1.  Admin Side Nav bar –
Training > Content > Courses
2.  Choose Select All under Category drop down


Result: Not that any course that is marked “Shared” also does NOT have an X at the end of the row. (e.g. Shared course can not be deleted.)


Bug Fixes/Changes: 

  • Resolved issue where university admin wasn’t seeing the Invite Everyone in the Uni email button. 
  • Resolved issue where new dashboard wasn’t updated with training track completions. 
  • Resolved issue where the assessment editor displayed with scroll bars at the bottom.
  • Updated error message when attempting to rate a course that user had not completed to make it clearer. 
  • Updated the training calendar header text to respect color defined in Card Title Text color on UI Settings tab.
  • Removed Dismiss all link on notification window when there are not any notifications to dismiss. 
  • My courses button alignment off when viewing in Italian