Release 11.19-20 (May 13 2020)

New Features/Updates:

New Course Taxonomies:

This new feature will assist with how courses can be filtered in the new BlueVolt Academy.  When an admin is creating a course, they can now indicate Type, Industry and appropriate Job Role(s) that should be associated with the course. These taxonomies can be added under Step 4 Other Settings when editing a course.

Removal of “Remember Me” and Updated Behavior When Closing Window: To improve security, the “Remember Me” checkbox has been removed and when a user closes their browser window(s), the system logs them out.


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Resolved issue where error was received when downloading a BlueBucks report. 
  • Resolved issue where existing user invited to uni never received Accept/Deny screen as expected. 
  • Resolved issue where course enrollment email link for learners accessing via SSO was incorrectly. 
  • Resolved issue where the Flash audit report would time out for some universities with a significant number of courses that contained Flash based modules. 
  • Resolved issue where users may experience an error when the address information is not completed even though it isn’t required.
  • Changed Czech translation on assessment window per customer request.
  • Changed Italian translation on assessment window per customer request.
  • Changed Spanish translation on admin course results page per customer request. 
  • Change text on Publisher File Upload page from max of 2 gigs to Max of 1 gig. 
  • Resolved issue where the links in emails displayed improperly for universities with a custom domain.