Release 11.21-11.22 (Jun 11 2020)

New Features/Updates:

OpenSesame University Admin Access:

University admins can now access OpenSesame to add courses to their university through an integration via the admin navigation bar by going to: Training > Content > OpenSesame. Here, you can log in with your OpenSesame account and select the courses you want to add to your university.

Bug Fixes/Changes:

    • Salesforce integrations timing out.
    • Brochure showing Inactive Courses as Active.
    • IE Formatting Issue on Registration page.
    • Learners 100% but not complete in training track.
    • SSO verification email has wrong domain.
    • Registering on mobile should scroll up to reveal required fields.
    • BlueVolt (Legacy) SSO URL redirect incorrect.
    • Requested language changes (Italian).
    • Aggregated assessment timing out.
    • Some gift card order URIs don’t display on accounting report.
    • Link format in Assessment Email update for SSO users.
    • Dashboard - Groups Removed Issue.
    • Re-enrollments failed with bad re-enrollment cadence settings (must be less than 10 years).
    • Admin My Course page times out when more than 2100 courses available.
    • Groups option is missing on Dashboard.

Other Development Work

    • Sharing Center
    • KnowledgeBumps