Release 11.23-11.24 (July 8 2020)

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Resolved issue where some Purchase Order emails were not sent as expected. 
  • Delete empty groups function repaired to run hourly.
  • Removed non-active admins from email for inactivating shared courses.
  • Resolved issue so that admins can delete a training track type.
  • Resolved issue where admin category sort order lists alphabetically as expected regardless of upper or lower case.
  • Resolved issue so that university admin can CC a group admin on a scheduled Course Enrollment Totals report.
  • Fixed missing BlueVolt Logo when viewing admin side Dashboard.


Other Development Work

  • Sharing Center
  • KnowledgeBumps
  • Changed Zendcoder to transcode to only MP4 instead of other additional unused file types