Release 11.25 – 11.26 (August 6 2020)

Summer 2020 Release

New Features

BlueVolt Sharing Center: The BlueVolt Sharing Center allows you to harness the power of content sharing with new tools and workflows built right into our powerful learning platform. Within minutes, you can share your courses directly with your partners or to our vast network of distributors and associations in the skilled trades.

Click here to learn more about the BlueVolt Sharing Center.


KnowledgeBumps™ : You can create a course that, once the learner has completed the core material, additional information may be delivered to learners at the cadence of your choice, via a link in an email or a text message, or both. You can choose from a variety of KnowledgeBump™ experiences.

Click here to learn more about KnowledgeBumps™.


File Upload Module type: Administrators can now select specific administrators that should be notified when a learner uploads a file for File Upload module types. Helper text is provide in red to caution the admin to select specific administrators that will have access to the course since course restrictions are set on a different tab of the course editor and can be changed at any time independent of the specific administrators settings.

Vietnamese – New Platform Language: Added Vietnamese as a new platform language


Bug fix/Changes:

  • Resolved issue where the category sidebar panel did not display categories appropriately because it wasn’t respect the category “depth” set on the category editor page.
  • Resolved issue where some courses erroneously displayed the “Contains Flash”  message on the course editor.
  • Resolved issue with assessment engine displaying scroll bars at the bottom of the editor when accessing the engine from the Question bank editor. 
  • Resolved issue where learners received an error message when attempting to retake a quiz with an essay that had originally been marked as failed. 
  • Resolved issue where events displayed in list view but not in the calendar view. 
  • Resolved issue with Closed Captioning not working for courses built in Rise. 
  • Added Switch uni check to assist with occasional oops error reported by BTAdmin 
  • Resolved issue where training track report didn’t include some completions.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors on the password reset email. 
  • Fixed SSO links in Assessment email. 
  • Resolved issue with how OpenSesame’s course length is converted on the course detail page. 
  • Fixed issue where very long links displayed incorrectly on the training calendar.
  • Resolved issue where Bulk Upload page didn’t respect the checkbox for address checkbox “Check this to update the Address for the Existing Users”. 
  • Resolved issue where Bulk Upload page didn’t respect the checkbox for “Check this to add user to new group(s) without removing them from groups they may currently be a member of”. 
  • Fixed typo in default Multiple Course Enrollment Email. 

Other development work:

  • Remove usage of AWS Root key by the platform and replace with an alternate API key with lower access rights.
  • PCI Compliance - Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability - JQuery Upgrade