Release Notes: 11.27 – 11.28 (September 3 2020)

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Updated BlueVolt privacy policy published
  • Fixed Shopping Cart so that it checks if promo code applied previously and is still waiting has now expired.
  • Changed limit for Group Types to maximum of 30 in a university to prevent issues with the Course Enrollment Totals report. 
  • Resolved issue where bad data from Custom Enrollment Field was causing the Course Enrollment Totals report to fail. 
  • Resolved issue where video module didn’t launch for learners logged in as “Guest”. 
  • Resolved issue where Bulk Upload would fail with unexpected characters represented in Custom Fields. 
  • Resolved issue with translated Primary Group name display. 
  • Resolved issue Category display didn’t respect display order setting. 
  • Resolved issue where learner was unable to access certificate link for re-enrollment course. 
  • Resolved issue where video didn’t auto-play with launch as expected. 
  • Resolved issue learner was unable to opt-out of re-enrollment course as expected.
  • Resolved issue with incorrect data showing for University Google Search 
  • Resolved issue in Sharing Center - Course Catalog where filtering with course details open cleared the course catalog
  • Resolved issue where switching universities from Sharing Center or Dashboard failed to switch as expected.

Other Development Work

  • Logi Installation and API framework.