Reports Overview

BlueVolt offers a wide variety of reports across many segments of data (courses, users, accounting, etc.)

Available Reports

The reports are available in the Reports tab on theAdmin Navigation Bar . They are organized into sub-groups.

  • Dashboards: Reporting overviews, information at a glance. Good for quick analysis and a visual look at training progress.
  • My Reports: This is where you can find your Scheduled Reports

User Reports

  • Transcripts: Individual student’s training record. Perfect for employee or rep reviews.
  • Training Track Progress: Student’s progress through Training Tracks (if utilized by your university). Useful for keeping an eye on who is ahead of the curve or falling behind in their training tracks.
  • New Users: How many new users were added over a specific date range. Helpful for tracking university growth.
  • Badge Report: A report on badges completed/earned by learners in the university

Training Reports

  • Course Enrollment Totals: Excel download with lots of options for how detailed or wide you want the results. This report has everything!
  • Grade Book: Results of a specific class, who is enrolled, their status, etc. This report is good to check out how a specific student or students did on a course & the quiz.
  • Aggregated Assessment/Survey Results: Cumulative results for quizzes or surveys in your university. Helpful to find out how students are doing and audit for knowledge gaps.
  • Completed Course Hours: Sum of hours that the student has completed. Very helpful report to track annual training requirements.
  • University Course Hierarchy: All the courses in your university, where they fall within the Category hierarchy, course status, # of $BB, # of hours, and Course Type. Good for reviewing your current catalog of courses and their settings. This includes Training Track Hierarchy options
  • Module Age Report: Useful report giving information on when a course was created, last time it was edited, and who created it. 
  • Flash Content Audit Report: This report will provide information about the courses in your university which are using Flash.
  • Course Seat Time: Information on the amount of time each learner has spent by course
  • Scheduled Course Report: information specific to scheduled courses (often ILT)
  • File Download History: gives information on the files downloaded from courses by learners
  • Course Payment: detailed report on all course payments through your merchant account during a given period. NOTE: This report only shows when you have a merchant account set up. 

$BlueBucks Reports

  • User $BlueBucks: How many $BB each student has earned over the specified date range. Great for tracking $BB earning per student.
  • University $BlueBucks: Total and detailed information on how many $BlueBucks have been paid out by your University. Perfect for tracking $BB paid for tax purposes, budgeting, or reconciling $BB invoices.

Accounting Reports

  • University Promo History: Which promo/discount codes have been used (only if you have paid courses with promo codes). Useful to track which promo codes are being used most frequently (such as for marketing A/B campaigns).
  • Invoicing Report : This report will give you information on the course-related items BlueVolt charges you monthly. This is primarily for Shared Courses