Resource Management for ILT Courses


Scheduled courses that are marked as ILT (Instructor Led Training) courses may have associated resources assigned per scheduled event.

A resource for a scheduled event is defined as any of the following:

  • Location - Facility and Room
  • Equipment
  • Instructors


Set Up Location and Equipment Scheduled Resources for Your University

To facilitate setting up course schedules, University Admins will want to set up Location and Equipment resources that are frequently assigned to your scheduled courses.

To set up scheduled resources, go to:

Admin > Settings > Scheduled Resources

Here you can easily add facilities, rooms, and equipment that will be assigned to scheduled courses.


NOTE: Location and Equipment resources may also be added “on the fly” when scheduling courses. (See below for more information.)


Assign Location and Equipment to Schedules

When creating schedules for ILT courses, you can select the resources assigned to that schedule by selecting the Resources section below Edit Schedule.



Here, you can select a facility and the associated room and equipment. You can use the Add New… links to add a resource “on the fly” if the resource wasn't previously set up. These resources can be managed/edited by a university admin by going the Scheduled Resources page (see above).

Add New…Scheduled Resources


Select Instructors

You may also assign an instructor (or multiple instructors) in the Resources section. Instructors may be Course Instructors, Group Course Editors, or University Admins. These roles have access to manage the enrollments and waitlist, as well as edit the facility and equipment for the course.


Display Resources to Learners and Admins

Location and Instructors assigned when creating or editing a schedule display for learners on the Course Details Page.


Admins can view assigned resources when managing learners from the Training Calendar: Admin > Training > Training Calendar


Assigned resources can also be viewed from the ILT Course Management Page: Admin > Training > Enrollment Management > ILT