Restrict Registration by Email Domains

If you have a public university and would like some control over the type of people who can register, you can choose to limit registrations by either allowing or blocking specific email domains. To create a list of domains allowed to register, use the Allowlist. To create a list of domains to block, use the Blocklist.

For example: let’s say you want to allow only people with an email from domain Adding to the Allowlist means anyone with an email address from can register, but people with addresses on any other domain will not be able to proceed with registration. Conversely, adding to the Blocklist means anyone with an email address from will not be able to register, but people with addresses on any other domain will be able to proceed with registration.  

Use this Feature

Turn on the setting to enable allowlisting (or blocklisting)

  1. Go to: Admin > Settings > University > Properties
  2. Check the box next to Domain listing for registration
  3. Click Save.

Once you have turned the option on, you can add the domains to either accept or block.

Add One or More Domains

Go to Admin > Users > Domain Listing

On the Allowlist Domains tab you can add email domains to allow access. In addition, you can customize the "error" message that users receive when attempting to register by selecting Create Request Approval Message.

On the Blocklist Domains tab, you can enter email domains that are NOT accepted. Learners with this email address who are attempting to register will also receive the Request Approval Message which you can customize for your university on the Allowlist Domains.

On the Registration Approval tab, you can either approve or reject users who have requested approval when they registered and weren't provided access because their email address was either not allowlisted or was on the blocklist.

On the Failed Signup tab, you can review a log of emails that were not accepted. This list can also be downloaded by selecting Download Rejected Emails.